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Customer Testimonials

Sharon Whallon:

I spoke with my father today and he is very happy and satisfied with the insurance you assisted him in getting. Thank you so much for taking care of him so quickly!

Thank you so much. God bless you!

Sharon Aslin

I was just coming into the Medicare system. Being on a fixed income, I was very stressed about the high cost of Medicare supplement coverage.

I received a card in the mail, saying that there were Medicare supplements with a much more affordable premium. For information, I signed the card and mailed it.

A few days later, Lee McDermett called me, because he had gotten a referral. I told him my concerns and he directed me to a company with the same coverage, but the premiums were a third less than most companies charge.

I am so glad that I mailed that card!

Jesse and Patricia Shelton:

Thanks for all your help in getting us started with a Medicare Supplemental Insurance and Prescription Drugs policy!

You have been very prompt and have explained everything taking place. You recommended all the right things to keep our expenses down and still cover our medical needs for now and in the future. We didn't know, and would not have known. what kind of insurance we needed to give us the level of protection necessary to survive retirement!

We are grateful to you and will certainly be calling on you if another need comes up in the insurance field.

Donna Ellsworth

Lee... I want to thank you for guiding me in purchasing short term health insurance. Most of us go through life accepting whatever insurance is offered by our place of workgood or bad. When the time comes that we are responsible for selecting our own health plan, it definitely gets our attention ...

I do appreciate your assistance. I will contact you in a couple of months to discuss a Medicare Supplement.